About Us

Azure Water has been bottling and distributing high quality bottled water for the past 20 years. Azure water is regularly analysed by the CSIR.

Azure Water specialises in branded bottled water for all kinds of events and companies. We have no limits to our client base, and is always open to opportunities to grow within the market. Our plant has recently been upgraded, which enables us to double our production capacity.

Our company does everything from the designing of the logo to the delivery of the final product. We supply some of the major hotel groups, marketing companies, and government organizations, as well as well known tour companies, restaurants, car dealerships, air charters and many more. Based in Elandsfontein, Germiston, we are able to supply on a daily basis within the Gauteng region. We can also distribute throughout the rest of South Africa.

  • Azure is a founder member for Proudly SA.
  • Which makes us one of the first companies in the field for personalised branding on water bottles.
  • We are one of the largest SA owned companies in this field.
  • We know what the other companies still need to learn.

Shelf Life

Azure Water has a minimum shelf life of 2 years if stored under ideal conditions. Analytical tests on a 5 year old sample indicated that the quality was still of a high standard.

Mineral content (mg/l)

The mineral content is specified on our label in accordance with the SABS specification 1657:1996 and is as follows:



Calcium (Ca) <0.3
Magnesium (Mg)  0.1
Sodium (Na) 0.8
Potassium (K) <1.6
Chloride (Cl) <5
 Sulphate (SO4)  <2
 Nitrate (N)  0.2
 Fluoride (F)  0.2
 Iron (Fe)  0.03
Aluminium (Al)  0.09
Total Alkalinity 9.8
PH value at 25 deg 7.3
Total dissolved solids <10
pH value decreases in carbonated water.